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In India about 50% workforces are involved in the agriculture and solving the issues of hunger and scarcity of foods for rest of the Indian population. Over the period it has adopted significant policy change in the agriculture and country has witnessed the green revolution. However in last 20 years economic reforms has brought up the growth in services and manufacturing sector and comparatively agriculture sectors has been coming down. There are some factors which has been severely affecting the agriculture like land holdings, water problems, available of finances and market condition, post harvest mechanism and other issues like blue bull menace.

Currently Nav Jagriti has been implementing the project “India grain legume cluster development” with support of Bill & Milinda Gates foundation and Aga khan foundation in two districts Saran and Siwan. The project aims at improving the production and nutrition through the development program because in last few years Bihar has recorded drastic renunciations of farmers from pulse cultivation and that’s the reason its per capita availability has decreased. Based on the standard of population, Bihar is required to produce 2.5 million tones of pulses; while in spite of this production are only 7- 8 lakh tones. In the 1950-1951 where the availability of pulses per person per day was 60 grams, the daily availability of pulses hasreduced to just 29 grams and it is decreasing day by day this is a matter of concern. Hence, Nav Jagriti providing handholding support to 4000 farmers in 4 blocks of both districts.

Approach :-

Capacity building

  • Training on PoP of crops
  • Exposure visit to the best practices in the country
  • Monitoring and handholding support by NJ

farmers club & producer company

  • Formation of farmers club and producer company to organize farmers into a collective to improve their bargaining strength in the market


  • Linkage with agriculture department and government scheme
  • Direct Linakge with the market to create the sustainable value chain

Nav Jagriti has also forming the farmer’s club with the support of Plan international in 22 village of Saran district of Bihar. The farmers club has been depositing the saving in the group in the monthly meeting. With this money they purchase the agricultural materials and equipments.