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Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

India is highly vulnerable to natural hazards particularly of hydro-meteorological origin. Some parts of India have been experiencing the frequent disasters resulting in huge loss of human, property and resources. Increasing frequency and intensity of disaster has also been impacting the weather and ecological dynamics which is a serious concern for disaster management and climate change adaption. In Bihar flood is a major natural disaster which impacts 18-19 district every year. From its inception Nav Jagriti has been addressing the social and economical problem caused by such disasters in right based and humanitarian approach with the support of national and international partners. The humanitarian approach guides the interventions for preparedness and mitigation to minimize the loss due to flood disaster with involvement of all the important stakeholders.

Approach :-

Before flood

  • Preparation
  • Early warning
  • Life saving training and servies

During flood

  • Rescue
  • First aid and psyco-social couselling
  • Rapid need assessment
  • Emergency support

After flood

  • Rehabilitation
  • Long term intervention
  • Networking with government department

Like every year in 2017 flood Nav Jagriti’s flood relief team were involved in response and rescue operation with support of OXFAM India in flood affected areas. On the disaster risk reduction and climate change issues Nav Jagriti has developed a separate organizational policy for the DRR. It has also extensively worked and extended its supports to rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of people and cattle who were trapped in the flood of 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2017. It also created some sustainable model through its training to volunteers and by constructing thousand of thatched house and indira awas, three flood shelters, fifty grain banks and fifteen fodder banks in the flood affected areas.

On the Global level, Nav Jagriti is also a part of the global CSOs network of International union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) and OXFAM.

Currently, it has been implementing the project with Nokia, save the children and Plan India.