Success Story

  • Students committee takes over the implementation of MDM scheme

  • Khagaria is one of the backward districts struggling to improve on many development indicators. Some sorts of irregularities were observed in the implementation of midday meal scheme in the Postin the schools of North Thatha village in Mansi Blcok. Students were complaining about the food’s quality and quantity during interaction. Besides, availability of food stock, cleanliness in preparation and other irregularities were debarring children from this scheme as student were not ready to take it. Nav Jagriti also observed the substantial reduction in the attendance over the period of 5-6 months. NJ had conducted the focus group discussion with children and tried to know the reason of low attendance. The picture was clear MDM seems to have a strong impact on retaining students in schools. Thus the project team aims to make school resilient by focusing on DRR, social protection and technology. We made a committee if 12 students and made them responsible for conducting MDM properly and to look after the other issues like drop out. Here are the responsibilities the committee took over

  • Proper waste disposal of MDM and other wastages, Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the school premises , classrooms , kitchen and playground.
  • Maintain peace in the distribution of MDM.
  • To ensure the participation of the students into the class.
  • To supervise the quality and quantity of MDM.

During follow up Nav Jagriti has noticed the following changes after six months

  • The mid day meal is being served with proper hygiene.
  • The quality of meal was improved and this follow the everyday diet menu.
  • Children maintain the peace, proper queue and waste disposal of MDM wastage.
  • Children committee ensure the participations of students in to the class after meal .
  • In case of drop out the committee inform the teacher and parents .

Teachers are also supporting the committee and stated very motivational words that participation of the students committee has increased the quality of the meal and it has also ensured the students participation in the classrooms. Overall it has changed the environment of the schools.

  • Protection of beggar rights

  • Since 2013 NJ has been running Government of Bihar supported beggar home “Sewa Kutir” in Patna under Mukhyamantri bhiksha niwaran yojna” (MBNY), it is also known as “Pehchan”. The aim of this project is to protect the rights of beggars by ensuring their care, protection and development as well as socio-economic and cultural empowerment through enabling process and programmes. Currently NJ has 50 inmates in its home.


  • Nav Jagriti’s grain banks benefit victims of conflagration

  • Khagaria is one of the most disaster prone districts in Bihar, Every year it gets affected with recurrent floods and fire which is also attributed for its backwardness.Post The people here face cycle of disasters which makes them impoverished and vulnerable. The district administration is on the brisk of creating structures for disaster management after the enactment of Disaster Management Act 2005. Besides, the government led relief operations are inadequate when the scale of disaster is high. Thus NJ has started community support structures which are run and operated itself by community with an objective to provide the instant relief to the victims. NJ not only provides them relief but also prepare the community to handle the risk and vulnerabilities in disasters.

  • “Building Resilience of Children and their Communities By integrating DRR, Social Protection and Technology

  • Jal Tara was inaugurated on the 17/07/2017 with the help of Nav Jagrti, Nokia and Save Children beside the Flood Centre of Amni Panchayat, District of Khagaria Bihar. The Jal Tara was inaugurated by the Circle Officer Mr Dhananjay Kumar of Mansi Block. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Chief of the Amni Panchayat Miss Poonam Devi and the Jal Tara Committee. With this Jal Tara, the dream of drinking the pure water for the poor family's people was completed. Due to getting pure water, all the villagers of Amni Panchayat are very happy. The Circle Officer Mr Dhananjay Kumar said that through this JalTara, the poor families will get the clean drinking water. Which the government could not do, is to be done by the Nav Jagriti, Nokia and save the children.
    JAL-TARA:- The community has been formed to run the Jal Tara smoothly. Rules have been made by the communities so that all the people of every village can get pure drinking water. All poor families are very happy because of the supply of pure water in the village.