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Protection of beggar rights

Since 2013 NJ has been running Government of Bihar supported beggar home “SewaKutir” in Patna under Mukhya mantra bhikshaniwaranyojna” (MBNY), it is also known as “Pehchan”. The aim of this project is to protect the rights of beggars by ensuring their care, protection and development as well as socio-economic and cultural empowerment through enabling process and programmes. Currently NJ has 50 inmates in its home. We are committed to provide them a dignified life at the home. Till date Nav jagriti’s sewa kutir has inhabited 673 inmates since February 2013. We have also trained 68 inmates through the skill training, 15 out of them have started their own business.

Approach :-


  • By protecting the begger rights
  • By Providing recreational and haronious environment
  • Awarenss on anti beggary law


  • One to one counselling
  • 24 hours inhouse doctors and nurses
  • Mental health intervention


  • Training on entresnurihip skills
  • Formation and Inclusion of Beggers in saving groups