• Genesis

  • Founded in 1993, Nav Jagriti is recognized as a pioneer grassroots organization in Bihar. It was founded as a society by the group of likeminded and concerned youth of Parsa block of Saran district with an objective to mitigate the flood hazards and to provide a pro active citizen centric public services in the flood prone area of North Bihar. The main motivation of its genesis was heading a great struggle by the youth of Parsa block who were empathised seeing the victims of the fatal flood and continuous water logging since decades in his area. Finally in 1991 these youth had started an informal organization “Jal Jamao Virodhee Sangharsh committee”. Initially the committee was dedicatedly highlighting and raising the issues related to flood and its disaster on different platforms but it was limited to Saran only. These youth had wings of fire thus they were unstoppable. They wanted to bring a larger social change in the lives of people who were affected by the flood, thus that informal committee turns into a structured organization called Nav Jagriti (NJ) and since its inception it has been working day in day out.

  • Vision

  • Nav Jagriti aspires to bring the values and better living conditions for the disadvantaged and vulnerable section of the society with special focus on women and children.

  • Mission

  • Our mission is to address the need of integrated development of child, essential livelihood options and better living conditions for women and other marginalized section of the society especially in flood affected district of Bihar.

  • Core values

  • > Transparency
  • > Accountability
  • > People centric
  • > Integrity
  • > Innovation
  • Goal

  • To establish Local Self Goverance through Sustainable Community Based Institutions.

The organization is implementing child center community development project with focus on holistic development approach of children in Parsa and Maker blocks of Saran district since 2008, this project is being funded by the Plan India.

The area where we are implementing this project is highly flood affected and water logged due to Gandak River, which create impediments in livelihood based on agriculture and allied activities. The child right violation cases is very high in the area therefore with the help of Plan India, Nav Jagriti focuses on addressing health, education, Water & Sanitation, Disaster preparedness and risk mitigation and to prevent children from all types of abuse in 22 villages (11 Villages in Maker and 11 Villages in Parsa blocks of Saran district).

Nav Jagriti is also implementing the project with Save the Children in Khagaria Sadar, Mansi and Beldaur blocks of Khagaria district. This project aims to the reduction of child right violation. It been seen that during the flood, the people live in the temporary makeshift at the higher embankment with large number of people, during their stay in the makeshifts children becomes the soft target for the sexual predators and organized group of trafficker therefore guided by its vision Nav Jagriti is committed to prevent the victimization of children children. Children are being aware on child right issues, flood preparedness and how to put their grievances before the parents, community people as well as Panchyat representatives with the support of children club.

The organization is also implementing project on promotion of health, education, Water & Sanitation with the support of SKN, Nederland in 08 villages of Runnisaidpur block of Sitamarhi district since 2010. We also focus on child rights through promotion of education, health, Wash and how to reduce trafficking with the support of parents, community people, Panchayat representatives and government officials working at Panchyat level to district level.